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Worldwide crises due to Covid-19

The tally of confirmed coronavirus cases around the world has reached 1,503,900, according to the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University.
Nearly 90,000 people have so far died while 340,630 have recovered from the virus so far.
As the covid-19 turning into a the global order upside down, government worldwide have been taking prodigious to e d the spread of contamination, the first and formost of these is internal lockdown in all the countries, coupled with temporary closure of borders and stop the transportation from one city to another.In such circumstances arises the question of repatriating citizens wanting to return from foreign shores.As in news so many people’s Who are living in foreign countries are seeking to return home.
In the same there are alot of people who are now jobless and having no source of income to earn their livelihood ,most of them have lost their jobs.Though even the health care system of developed countries of the world have been failed to compete the pandemic. However,we are now living in the under developed countries have to face the consequences more seriously.
So, the best possible response to this difficult situation would be for the state to work in close coordination with the authoritiesof the foreign countries to ensure Pakistanis have access to quality ,healthcare housing and food until the coronavirus virus dissipates.



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