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Why does organic milk have more life than regular milk?

It’s considered the ultimate source of energy and one of the great and necessary staple foods, which contains calcium and other essential nutrients. Milk offers the best nutrition for toddlers, so parents prefer to give healthy organic milk to their toddlers. This is why organic milk sales in the United States are much higher than every month, measured in pounds, according to the monthly retail sales of organic milk in the United States in 2020. According to USDA figures, in January 2020, organic milk sales in the U.S. reached 236 million pounds.

However, whenever you visit a grocery store, you wonder more than anything why organic milk lasts longer than regular milk. Although organic milk sounds entirely fancy, the truth is that it is much healthier than conventional milk since it is not subjected to some complex processes such as the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Pure organic milk is fresher and healthier since it comes from farms. After buying organic milk from the shelves you won’t have to worry about getting sick! Would you like to know if what you’re consuming is the right thing? Organic milk indeed provides your body with the necessary nutrients because organic milk is free from any kind of antibiotics and hormones which are used to stimulate milk production.

Life of organic

Why organic milk can be stored for months?

Pasteurization is a process that is applied to regular milk, and its life has only a maximum of three weeks after pasteurizing. A wonderful aspect of organic milk is that it can remain on your shelf for approximately six months. Did you ever think about it? Organic milk stays fresher much longer than conventional milk. What makes this possible?

It is possible to preserve milk for so long using a simple technique called UHT, which stands for ultra-high temperature. As part of this process, milk is heated to 280 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 to 3 seconds. Because of the lurking warm milk, any bacteria are destroyed, which is why organic milk is more likely to last longer.

Due to the high heat, UHT milk tastes different because all the sugar is burned off in the process called caramelization. High-heat milk is sweeter than regular milk and it also reduces the protein and Vitamin content, making it difficult to produce cheese.

What is the difference between pasteurization and UHT?

Pasteurization is a standard process for milk preservation that is mainly used to prevent milk from spoiling. Low to high and high to low temperatures are used in this technique, which is not as effective as UHT. Pasteurization can preserve milk only for a short period but UHT can preserve milk for longer periods. The ultra-high treatment makes the life expectancy of milk more substantial due to the use of high temperatures. Secondly, it kills all bacteria quickly. On the other hand, pasteurization isn’t as effective at killing bacteria that cause sickness, so UHT is much better.

Which tastes better organic or regular milk?

Compared to regular milk, organic milk has a sweeter taste because of the UHT factor. It has a thicker, creamy texture and a rich taste, but regular milk has a slightly watery taste although it is not sour and is not that watery. The fascinating thing about both of these is that both taste like milk.

If you are looking for sweet milk, then organic milk may cost more than regular milk, but it is much healthier, as it is not treated with bovine growth hormone. If you aren’t a health freak you can still purchase regular milk, but organic milk has its charm.

Life of organic

Benefits of organic milk

These are a few spectacular benefits of organic milk that will positively influence your decision to buy organic milk for sure. It may be expensive, but if you want to take good care of your health, then organic milk is a great choice.

  • As it lasts longer, it is a better investment than other conventional products.
  • Organic milk provides health benefits for your heart because it contains omega-3-fatty acids.
  • It is said that a happy cow is a healthy cow. Organic milk manufacturing has an enormous impact on the welfare of animals. They take good care of animals, feed them clean and nutritious food, and this costs a bit more, but in the end, it is worth it.
  • Antibiotics are not used in animal production to make milk safe for consumption.
  • Your immune system will get a quick boost.
  • Breast milk produced by mothers who consume organic milk has a higher chance of being more healthy, which is good news for their toddlers.


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