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Where Do You Lose Weight First?

Losing weight is an interesting subject for any age group, be it a teenager or senior citizen. Because there are many reasons behind why one wishes to lose weight. It could be because you are an athlete, or simply because you prioritize your well-being over anything else. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, most of us have had an unhealthy routine. With a lack of physical activity because of staying at home, many of us have gained unnecessary pounds and we are determined to lose them.

 Google searches for exercises and diets to lose weight have increased in the pandemic. Not only that but people are tending to buy more loose clothes because the old ones are either too tight or don’t fit at all. No matter what purpose determined you on your health journey, you want to see instant results. It could also be that you started with a primary motive to lose weight in a specific spot, like the midsection or arms.


This answer might shatter your illusions because where you lose weight first entirely depends on your genes and sometimes on your gender too. You can’t aim for a particular part and only lose weight there. However, don’t give up yet because there are ways you can guess where you will notice the weight loss first. Where you tend to gain it first If you gain weight in your thighs or midsection first, chances are you may experience the weight loss there first. 

Where you seemed to gain it last It could also be the case that where you last gained your weight could be the first place where you lose it. For instance, if your arms seemed to gain fat recently then you may notice the results there first. However, you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be the case. Even though it may sound frustrating that you can’t start losing your weight from where you wish to. But it is true that weight loss is random and depends on factors like genes, environment, and gender.



 And it can’t be controlled or planned. For example, women are more likely to gain weight in their thighs and hips because of elements like childbirth and pregnancy. The fat stored there aids them during pregnancy. And it can be very hard for them to lose fat there. However, men carry more abdominal fat. But gender is not the only thing to decide where you will lose weight first. Reducing weight can differ from individual to individual as well. You may even experience weight loss from your face first. 

where does a woman lose weight

Do Men LOSE WEIGHT Faster In Compared To Women?

The answer is YES. Men have more lean muscles naturally, which means they have more muscles that are likely to carry less fat within them in comparison to other normal muscles found in the human body. However, you shouldn’t be upset because simple exercises can help you increase the number of lean muscles in your body. There are strength training exercises you can perform using your bodyweight to see the changes (i.e: squats and planks).

Moreover, hormones are another factor that is helpful for men in losing fat. Women have less testosterone unlikely than men, which can be a little downside in losing weight fast. Nevertheless, you can still achieve a toned physique and as much strength as men. It only means that your body will take slightly more time to do so, compared to men.

Are There Any Exercise That Can Build Fat Blockers In The Target Spot?

No, there aren’t any. There are no exercises, medicines, and diets that can help you reduce fat in a specific area of your body. Spot Reduction has been through critical examination over the years, and it has been proven that it is a myth. Fitness professionals have said over and over that spot reduction exercises are a complete waste of time. Yet there is plenty of misleading information circulating on the Internet over it.

And online trainers continue to use the terms “burning fat” and claim that isolated muscle exercises can remove the fat above these muscles to lure you into buying their fitness programs. Research has bodyweight has proven these claims false. For example, in a study, the dominant and inactive arms of professional players were compared. And the results showed that there was no difference in fat except for muscular development.

It is completely understandable to be excited about developing a toned and attractive physique, but it is suggested that you stay patient throughout the process of your weight loss. You shouldn’t quit on your healthy diet and better lifestyle because you don’t see your desired result in days. There are medicines available on the market and diet plans that can help you shed pounds in weeks. But they are of no benefit because you will regain your weight as instantaneously as you lost it. The key to permanently maintaining a better physique is going slow and staying patient.



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