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When do Babies Start Talking? Does it depends on Age?

When do babies start talking? It’s a common question asked by first-time parents. Babies start learning the language before their birth. This is because in the womb your kid could hear you talk and become familiar with the rhythm. And even the sounds of the language you spoke. Some studies have proved that babies whose mothers love studying books or specific ones during the pregnancy; their babies prefer hearing those books once they are born.

 But when do newborns start talking—or uttering words? The achievement of the baby-talking milestone is particularly exciting. Few things compare to seeing your infant begin to babble, make words, and then link those words together into phrases. Every baby’s speech path is different from others but every baby has common stages during language development. For various children, first word and other language milestones arrive at different times, and your little one will also develop at his/her speed. As a general rule, a baby will utter her first few words around the time he/she becomes one year old.

Then, in your baby’s second year, his/her vocabulary may begin to grow slowly at first, then accelerate near the end. Many (but not all) newborns will be able to utter hundreds of words and put two words together to form a sentence by the end of their second year.

How babies learn to say their first word?

Babies learn to communicate by listening to you and other people speak. The human voice is preferred by babies above other noises, and your baby will like the sound of your voice since it is the most soothing to her.

High-pitched voices are preferred by newborns in general. This is why you may notice that you speak to your kid at a higher pitch than you would to adults. This higher pitch, along with exaggerated pronunciation and maybe amusing facial expressions, attracts your baby’s interest while also assisting in the development of her speech and language abilities.

Let’s divide the whole process into different verbal development stages: 

1 month to 3 months:

When a baby is at least a month old, they can recognize your voice .smiles by looking at you and reading your facial expressions, as the baby enters the second month he starts to produce some sounds that have no meaning, try to communicate with your baby and try to intimate these words.

4 month to 7 month

At this point, babies start to babble. At the age of 4 months to 7 months, babies start making sounds like bah. Your kid will most likely chatter or perhaps replicate some of the babbling noises he’s heard you make by the time he’s four months old. Depending on whether he’s hungry, exhausted, or in pain, his screams will sound different.

It will take a year to interpret your baby’s babbling but she understands most of the things you say before your baby starts talking.

8 months to 12 months 

At this stage, your baby may start saying words that may have some meaning like ma, ba, da,ga. Those babbling sounds now turn into words that may have some meanings. This is the time when your baby understands a lot more than you think. Your youngster may start using identifiable words around this age. By the time they are one year old, some newborns have a vocabulary of roughly two or three words.

13 months to 24 months

Your child will have a strong grasp of the language at this point. Your kid will become more sensitive to your directions and requests during the year, and may even put together some brief two- or three-word phrases.



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