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What Vitamins Are Good For Hair And Skin?

Your diet has a significant role when it comes to hair growth and healthy skin. Even though it is true that hair growth can be affected by various reasons, such as genes, and hormones. But you also need a considerable amount of nutrients to keep your hair and skin healthy. However, most of the time, our meals seem to lack enough protein and certain vitamins that are essential for both these elements. Nutrient deficiency can easily cause hair loss and other skin problems.

An obvious fact about hair is that they are constantly growing and are being replaced. The same goes for skin. So we need enough nutrients to keep up the process. One common way people choose to do this is by using supplements. But are they as effective as they claim and do you need to opt for them? Because supplements available in the market can be costly and be a problem if you don’t intend to crash your budget. Moreover, the researchers seem to agree that most of these supplements don’t work that efficiently as they are marketed.

Below you can find vitamins essential for hair growth and foods that are enriched with them.

what vitamins are good for

1. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for hair growth. Studies have shown how it stimulates the cells for new hair to grow. In addition to that, it produces sebum in the pores of your scalp. A waxy substance that works efficiently in producing more oil for healthy and shiny hair. It also helps your skin and immune system function better. 

Regular intake of Vitamin A can prevent wrinkles and dry skin. You can naturally obtain an efficient amount of Vitamin A by adding eggs, carrots, and leafy green vegetables to your meals.

2. Vitamin B

There are different types of B vitamins that are associated with your hair growth directly. A crucial one among them is Biotin, also known as Vitamin B-7. It is an ingredient you can find in almost every hair product. What’s more, biotin aids you in overcoming other health issues. It maintains your blood sugar level and generates more energy in your body. Even so, cases of Biotin deficiency are rare as our diets alone contain it.

But to be sure you have enough biotin in your diet, you can add more milk, meat, and fruits to your diet. You can also opt to regularly eat more nuts. Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts for instance can boost your hair growth in weeks.

3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which means that it improves your body’s defenses and reduces oxidative stress. Furthermore, it aids your body in making collagen, a substance that is rich in amino acids. 

It is good protection against eye diseases and even skin wrinkles. It is safe and one of the most beneficial nutrients. It can be found commonly in citrus fruits like oranges. Strawberries, potatoes, and broccoli also contain it.

what vitamins are good for

4. Protein

You can’t complete a healthy diet without including protein in it. Because protein is an important nutrient that helps in the creation of tissues in your body. Be it skin, hair, or nails. But, did you know your hair is mostly made of protein?

Yes. Your hair is made from a type of protein, named Keratin. You can find it as an ingredient in almost every hair oil and other hair product. So how does protein exactly help you with hair loss? The answer is protein contains amino acids that help your body produce more keratin. Adding eggs, potatoes, and garlic to your diet can boost keratin production in your body. Eventually preventing you from hair loss and enhancing your skin texture.

5. Iron

Iron can also be very fruitful in making your hair and skin more healthy. Regular intake of iron produces hemoglobin in your blood, which carries oxygen to the roots of your hair and the rest of your body. 

Iron deficiency can cause many issues apart from hair loss. The most obvious symptoms are pale skin, dizziness, shortness of breath, and dry hair and skin. One of the easiest ways to increase levels of iron in your body is by eating more meat.


6. Zinc

Zinc serves as a helpful nutrient against sun damage and bacterial skin diseases. It plays an important role in cell growth, and production of Keratin, which was discussed earlier is important for the formation of skin cells. What’s more, zinc aids in wound healing and serves as a deterrent to several skin diseases such as acne. 

This is why supplements of zinc are prescribed under various skin conditions. However, our body can’t produce it on its own. So it becomes essential that we keep it in our diet. Adding seafood, meat, eggs, and nuts to your diet can keep up levels of zinc in your body.



Many conditions can cause skin diseases and hair loss. It is advised if you are experiencing such situations, such as rapid hair loss or any other skin disease then consider visiting a nearby dermatologist.







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