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Top Best countries to live in with your family.

Where to live with your family is a hard decision to make while deciding the best country to live and your decision has a great impact on your future. We should keep in mind some factors while making this decision. There are various factors associated with where you live that may have an influence on your quality of life and happiness. As a result, shifting to a new location is not a choice to be made lightly.

The following are simply the most important qualities to consider when choosing a location to live because of different individuals’ values.


Employment opportunities are an important factor when choosing the best country to live in. One had to make living in order to raise his family and has to earn in order to fulfill financial needs and other needs. Depending on your career certain countries may make more sense for the available opportunities for employment. One should choose countries that have greater employment opportunities like the United States, Canada, and Germany.


After the coronavirus epidemic, the country’s healthcare system is more crucial than ever. So while deciding for any country to move or to live its healthcare system should be kept in mind. Different countries have different techniques to provide their public with medical care but some countries totally rely on their government for medical services and some countries have a private medical sectors. World Health Organization has ranked the following countries based on their health care services.

1: France
2: Italy
3: San Marino
4: Andorra
5: Malta


Education is extremely important for both individuals and societies. The education system in different countries varies according to their geographics. When choosing which country to live in the education sector and the education system of that country should also be good. Most countries provide free education on all levels and other countries provide free education at certain levels whereas some countries have good government educational institutes. The United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia are considered to be the best countries in terms of there education systems in the world.

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Most people love sunshine and want to live in countries that receive plenty of sunshine. In this regard, desserts are considered to be the sunniest place. Places like the South Western United States, Central America, and Australia have a balanced climate. Some people love winter and snowfall so they prefer countries like Canada, Japan, Northern Europe, and South America. When we talk about seasons Pakistan is considered to be a blessed country in this regard as it is blessed with all four seasons. Climate and environment is also a major factor in deciding which country to live in.



Everyone wants to live a secure and safe life. Many countries in the world have very fewer crime rates, and the same absence of violence also makes a country secure. Safety and security are major concerns nowadays. Safety means having a crime-free environment, a peaceful environment, and quality health. Following are some countries that have been declared as violence-free and safe countries.

1: Iceland
2: New Zealand
3: Portugal
4: Austria
5: Denmark


Traveling and transport system is very important when you move to any new country. Having access to excellent transport infrastructure makes it easy for anyone to settle in a new place. When anyone wants to settle in a new place he wants to have quick access to markets, workplaces, and hospitals.

Many developed countries have very good transportation infrastructure. Most the countries have world’s best public transport system and one loves to move and explore the country by moving on an easy, quick and cheapest transport. Hong Kong (China ) metro has proved to be the fastest and best metro in the world. London (UK) has a good underground metro system named THE TUBE, which carries a large number of people all day and becomes one of the busiest transport systems.

It totally depends on individuals to decide on anyone factors mentioned above to consider more while making their decision.        



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