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While Papa Louie is away, Roy needs your help to operate the pizza. You’ll be responsible for taking orders, topping and baking the pizzas, cutting them to order, and presenting the final pies to the customers. Throughout the game, utilize the mouse as your primary control. Switch between stations with the four colored buttons in the upper-right corner (or screens).

Simply click on the “save slot” cards to begin the game. Your pizza adventure will begin from there.

Take the order of the customer… What to put on top, how long to cook it for, how to chop it… Preparing the pizza… It should be given to the consumer. You’ll earn a huge tip if it’s done right! Each customer’s order will differ somewhat from the next.

They could like their pizza baked a specific way, with a certain quantity of toppings, a certain number of slices, a certain amount of… well, you get the idea.

When you have more than one customer to deal with at the same time, the real difficulty begins! To keep everyone pleased, you’ll need to figure out how to prioritize customers and optimize your orders. Orders may be fairly overwhelming, so it sounds easier than it is.

Make a point of paying attention to the details as well. It’s difficult to recall everything the consumer wants all of the time. Pay attention not just to the toppings the customers want, but also to where the toppings belong on the pizza, how long the pizza should be cooked, and how the pizza should be cut. If you overlook these nuances, you may be missing out on some crucial information.



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