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Tuesday, July 16, 2024
HomeTechnologyHow To Share Screen On Zoom?

How To Share Screen On Zoom?

Who had the tiniest idea two years ago that sharing screens will become a fundamental skill in the upcoming future? Crucial aspects of our lives i.e education, and work will be transformed online overnight. Video calling or conferencing platforms like Zoom have grown massively during pandemics. Every organization, be it government or private, is relying on these apps to stay connected with its employees. This is why Zoom’s popularity shot up to its peak during 2020 because of the ongoing pandemic, with above 40 million downloads in the Asia-Pacific region.

However, not all of us are very literate with digital technology. It is quite hard for some of us to be familiar with the handy features of the platform we have never used before. One of these cool features is the sharing screen.

What is a Screen Sharing?

Zoom provides you an option where you can share your computer or mobile device screen with other people attending the group video conference. The motive behind it is to show your co-workers what it is you have been working on or giving a presentation. Furthermore, to ensure your security, zoom lets you decide which window on your screen you want to share. It is to prevent you from accidentally sharing anything private.

Here is a quick guide for every device user on how to share screen on Zoom:

how do you share your screen on

How To Share Screen On Zoom At Your Computer ?

  1. Log into your zoom account
  2. Look for an option that says “Share screen”. Click on it.
  3. Now Zoom, concerned about your privacy, will ask you to choose a screen that you wish to share. You will see different tabs that are already open on your screen. And a whiteboard option as well. Click on the screen tab that you wish to share.
  4. Once you have chosen the screen you want to share, you will be asked to enter a Sharing Key or Meeting ID. Input it and you will start to share your screen with others in the meeting.

How To Share Screen During The Meeting

Let’s say you are already in the middle of a meeting, and now you need to share your screen with others. The procedure to do it is much more simple.


  1. Make sure you have already joined the meeting.
  2. If you notice, there are a few meeting controls present on your screen. For instance, muting your audio, stopping your video, managing participants. Among them, somewhere in between, you will see a green icon that says “Share screen”. Click on it.
  3. Zoom will show you three tabs on your screen, named basic, advanced, and files. Basically, you will find apps opened on your computer. You can either choose one that you want to share or you can choose your whole screen.
  4. Click share.
how do you share your screen on

How To Share Screen On Your Android Device?

Things can be a little different with Zoom mobile. On the android sharing screen means that you are sharing everything happening on your screen. So head ahead with attention and close all unnecessary and private apps open on your screen.

  1. Find and click on the same green color icon present on your screen.
  2. Scroll and find “Screen” in the menu.
  3. You will see a warning appear on your screen. Zoom will inform you how everything on the screen will be shared including passwords, photos, and everything you open.
  4. Click on “Start now” to begin sharing your screen.

In case you are unable to do so, a new menu will open on your screen. Allow zoom to continue by checking the box. And, that’s it. A portrait view of your mobile will be shown to others in the meeting.

5. To stop sharing the screen, click on the arrow present at the left bottom of your screen.

How To Share Screen On IPHONE

Sharing a screen on an iPhone can be slightly difficult in comparison to a desktop. You will have to tweak up your iPhone settings before you can share the screen. Go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls. Scroll down to “Screen Recorder” and click the plus sign.


  1. Now connect to your Zoom meeting.
  2. Find and press the “Share Content” button.
  3. Select “Screen” in the menu.
  4. Swipe down from the top right to open Control Center.
  5. Press and hold the record button.
  6. Click on Zoom
  7. Click “Start Broadcast”

To stop sharing, click the red bar present at top of your screen and press “Stop”



When using Zoom, be aware if your mic and video are on or off. The last thing you want is to embarrass yourself because of your carelessness. It is very favorable to work from home. Remote work has been in trend for years, even before the pandemic. 

However, to avoid an embarrassing incident, you should always be attentive to what’s open on your screen during video conferences. Especially when you are screen sharing.



  1. Thank you for another informative blog. Where else could I get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a project that I’m just now working on, and I’ve been on the look out for such information.


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