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How to Reduce Stretch Marks Quickly?

Stretch marks are scars that form when our skin expands or shrinks rapidly. The sudden alteration ruptures the collagen and elastin that maintain our skin. Stretch marks may form when the skin recovers. These marks happen when skin changes shape rapidly due to growth r weight gain. Men and women both get stretch marks.

These marks appear specially during pregnancy and puberty. A stretch mark will initially emerge on your skin as a thin red or purple line with a distinct texture than the surrounding skin layer. Most stretch marks fade over time, becoming lighter or almost translucent in colour and shiny.

Like scars, stretch marks are also permanent but treatment can make these marks less observable.

Causes of stretch marks

You may get stretch marks because of quick weight gain and this is very common in both men and women. Childhood growth during puberty and one should know that these marks during puberty may fade with the passage of time. Pregnancy causes stretched skin and an increase in hormones, which weakens skin fibers.

They may diminish when you lose weight after the baby is delivered. Bodybuilding, even for individuals with minimal fat, may bring them to the point where their muscles bulge. These marks are very common in people taking steroids. Marfan syndrome is a hereditary disorder that causes abnormal development and weakening of skin fibers.

Removing stretch marks medical treatments

Lasers and other treatments can be used by a skin specialist or plastic surgeon to help erase the markings. It may aid in the production of collagen in your skin

Cosmetic Surgery: cosmetic surgery can be used to remove these stretch marks. But cosmetic surgery can be painful and are mostly costly and they also leave scars on your skin.

Radio frequency: Radio-frequency treatment uses radio wave energy to create heat and activate your body to create collagen.

Chemical peels:  Chemical peel is a procedure that uses acidic solution to burn and remove the top dead layer of your skin that is damaged. It helps to boost new skin growth.

Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds work same like that of radio frequency by sending sound waves deep down the skin to heat up the skin to improve and enhance the collagen production in skin.

Laser treatments:  Laser stretch mark removal involves directing focused beams of light to the stretch marks, promoting new growth and smoothing the scars. Laser treatments are termed skin resurfacing treatments because they help your skin recover and become smoother. On newer stretch marks, laser therapy is more effective.

Rebuild skin cells with micro needling:

Micro needling is a great option to remove stretch marks. Micro needling uses a device with many small needles that penetrate into the skin and stimulate the collagen and remove the stretch marks after multiple sessions of micro needling.

how to get rid of stretch

Removing stretch marks home made remedies

Coconut oil:

Using coconut oil on the stretch marks daily helps to reduce the mark naturally and easily with no harmful side effects.

Castor oil :

Massaging castor oil will help to heel and smoothen these marks slowly, but you need to nourish your skin daily and constantly to feel the change.


Exfoliating skin with apricot mask will help to heal stretch marks. Apricot oil has skin rejuvenation properties and therefore helps in reducing stretch marks. For getting better results use this exfoliator with lemon juice.

Aloe vera

While there is little scientific evidence to support the use of aloe vera as a stretch mark treatment, pure aloe vera is a natural healing agent as well as a skin softener. This makes it an excellent home treatment for stretch marks.

Both medical as well as home remedies will not help to get rid of these marks unless you are consistent in using them.



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