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How to download GIFs on iPhone?

What is a Gif? 

GIF (pronounced as jiff) is just another type of image file format. Just like JPEG, PNG, and TIF. It is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format. A GIF can be defined as a file of multiple images, but these images are played on loop when opened. It is not a video, but more like a short animated clip. Gifs don’t have any sound. This is the reason most gifs have subtitles to add more life to them. Gifs work the same way a flipbook does. Images are put in an order to create a sense of the video.

How can you use a GIF?

GIFs are not difficult to find or use. They have quite similar use to an emoji or a sticker. They are easily available on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s 2021, almost every other smartphone has a keyboard with a built-in GIF option. What makes this more interesting is that you can even create your own GIF. There are many applications and websites available that convert your video into a GIF. For instance, you can use GIPHYs or Gfycat.

GIFs are a great way to express an emotion. You can add light humor in your conversations, and have something to giggle at. It will bring more character to your conversations and make them interesting.

GIFs on iPhone:


Downloading gifs on an iPhone is super easy. There are few common sources to do it, and there is nothing technical about them. Below are listed a few common ways of finding GIFs for different situations and downloading them.

1.   Using Giphy app

A lot of times, you don’t have any particular idea when you are looking for a gif. It’s obvious that you need something funny, but what can it possibly be. This is when Giphy comes to help. It is a library that consists of millions of GIFs. You can browse through it and download the ones you like for later use.


  • Install the Giphy app. You can also use the website version as an alternative. However, the Giphy app is much more convenient.
  • Browse and giggle. Search for a gif that becomes your favorite instantly. Something that you think is definitely going to fit an upcoming situation.
  • Once you have found it. Tap on it to view.
  • Click on the three dots present at the bottom.
  • Click Save to camera roll

And that’s it. You can now use it anytime you want.


2.   Save GIFs someone shared with you

Let’s say someone has sent you a GIF via email or messages, and you like it. It’s actually hilarious and you wish to share it with someone. How can you save it for later use? Here is how:


  • Open the app where you have received it. It could be email or messages.
  • Tap on the gif to open it.
  • In the upper corner, there will be a share icon with an arrow. Tap on it.
  • Read the pop-up menu and look for an option “Save image”

Yes. It’s that easy.


3.   Downloading GIFs using Google images

Let’s assume you have something particular in mind. It could be a new trendy meme gif, some famous movie dialogue, your favorite actor, or your favorite animal. Can you find and download their GIFs? The answer is of course, Yes.


  • Search for a keyword and add “gif” to it at the end. You can search for one of your favorite shows. For instance, type friends and add “gif” to it. You will find fan favorite gifs for your favorite show. Of course, it is not limited to shows only. Basically, you can search for any keyword. Just don’t forget to add “gif” to it.
  • Browse through the bundle of GIFs, and find the one you like.
  • Tap on the GIF
  • Keep tapping on it until you have reached the primary site it is available at.
  • Once you have reached that site, press and hold on Gif.
  • In the fresh pop-menu, tap at “Save Image”

Is it legal to download and share GIFs?

Yes. It is completely legal to use them unless you are setting up a website of GIFs. You can’t use GIFs of other websites to earn from them. You must make your own GIFs for that use. Otherwise, you are doing completely fine. There are no copyright restrictions in sharing and downloading them.

The activity of using GIFs is very common. It can strengthen your bond with loved ones. Furthermore, using them will add taste to your humor. Pretty much like memes, GIFs also are a very popular part of modern communication. 

However, they aren’t only limited to communication purposes. Many people keep GIFs in their mobile phones to ease up their mood under difficult situations. Have a laugh by viewing a wholesome GIF during a frustrating day at the office.



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