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How to clean laminated floors? Make it Shinny!

Laminate floors are as durable, affordable, and appealing but they do require some maintenance. So how to clean laminated floor is a biggest secret. Cleaning your floors properly will help to maintain their life in a long run. To avoid scratches and premature wear on your floor you have to keep the surface dust-free and especially be careful with spills. You can also use some cleaning techniques to reverse the water damage.

Dry Mop:
It will be beneficial to dry mop your laminated floor as it prevents scratches and surface damage. Choose a broom with a wide microfiber head that will capture and stick to the dirt that is tracked across your floor regularly. Microfiber heads are reusable and washable several times. Dry mopping is also required before any deeper spot cleaning since dirt particles can act as sandpaper between your clothes and the laminate surface if left in place.

Read directions carefully:
Always read the instructions carefully that come with the laminate flooring. Different manufacturers have different directions and recommendations specific to the material used. Most of the companies have complete product guides and how to clean the floor on their official websites.

Tackle spills as they happen:
Spills should be dealt with as soon as they occur. The easiest approach to avoid stains is to clean up spills as soon as possible. Liquids may harm laminate flooring, so keep them away as much as possible.


Turn to a vacuum for hard-to-reach places or for quick daily cleaning. It may help keep dust and grime off the floor, out of corners, and under furniture. Many vacuums include attachments that are especially useful for cleaning hard surfaces like laminate floors. A microfiber pad connects immediately behind the vacuum head to gather dust and any particles missed by the vacuum’s suction. Robotic vacuums are also wonderful for cleaning laminate floors and may relieve a lot of the stress that comes with manual cleaning.


Don’t use harsh tools:
Avoid putting anything abrasive on laminate flooring since it can scratch them (steel wool, for example). To sweep up the debris, use a soft-bristle broom or dust mop. If you’re vacuuming, avoid using attachments that don’t include a beater bar or revolving brush since they might scrape the surface.


Don’t use excess water:
Traditional mopping is not recommended for laminate floors due to the risk of water seeping into the seams and causing damage (like swelling or floor bubbling). Staining or fading can also be caused by pools of water.

how to clean laminated

Don’t use oil-based cleansers:
Cleaning agents that aren’t labeled as laminate-safe should be avoided. Oil-based cleaning chemicals can create streaks and residue, as well as harm the floor’s protective coating. If you must use laminate cleaner, use it sparingly and apply it to the mop or microfiber cloth instead of the floor itself. On laminate flooring, never apply wax or polish.

Do use a welcome mat:
Dirt tracked in from the outdoors might not only make your floor nasty, but it can also harm it. Grit from a dirty shoe bottom, for example, can be one of your laminate floor’s worst enemies, as it dirties, dulls, and even scratches it. Stop grime in its tracks with a welcome mat that provides guests with the opportunity to clean their shoes.

What to Avoid When Cleaning Laminate:

  1. Avoid using steam cleaners. Heat and moisture will the glued layers and will damage the floors.
  2. Don’t use water for cleaning the floor. Avoid using a drippy mop
  3. Bristle brooms tend to leave particles behind, which can add to surface wear.
  4. Avoid using items that make the surface shine. It might be tough to get rid of the waxy buildup.
  5. abrasive Scrubbers, such as scratchy sponges or steel wool, should be avoided. When applied and rubbed vigorously, even baking soda may harm laminate floors.


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