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Gargantua Double Klondike

Playing Instructions

From Ace to King, build up the eight foundations in suit (top of screen). The cards are dealt in decreasing order and with alternating colours on the tableau. You may also make use of the pre-made cards. A King or a sequence starting with a King can fill empty spaces.

This game’s name comes from the fact that it has two decks instead of one. A game with more cards may appear to be more difficult, but it is really easier since you have a greater reserve to go through and 9 columns on the tableau to match cards against. There’s also an undo move button in the game.

Cards are automatically put to the foundations as you cycle through the reserves one at a time. The cards that are set on the foundation cannot be returned to the tableau. This game has a 12-minute time restriction and two passes through the reserves are allowed. The inability to return cards to the tableau might be aggravating in some instances.



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