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Coffee is maintaining your health: Fact or not?

Coffee is maintaining your health: Fact or not?

1. Want to get out of depression? Drink coffee

Yes! You heard me right.

Depression is a prolong phenomenon disturbing every 3rd person in the whole world.

Most researches which are conducted related to depression linked coffee consumption to beat the risk of depression in both male and female. People who drink coffee are at lowest risk (equal to 20 percent) of depression as compare to the people who not.

2. Diseases connected to coffee
  • It reduces the risk of liver cancer
  • It reduces the risk of Type II diabetes
  • It reduces the risk of skin cancer
  • It reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • It reduces the risk of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
3. Does coffee burn my calories?

Well this is the most interesting one even for me. Caffeine is basically a stimulant that is used in the pills for weight loss. As it increases your metabolism so it can burn your calories.

But don’t think that putting a lot of cream and sugar in coffee will help you lose weight.

Drinking plain coffee without any sweetener or latte will help you lose weight. So, go for it!

4. Kids should drink coffee or not?

Most parents wonder that they should give coffee to their children or not? Children required calcium for their bones for healthy growth as additional studies says that caffeine percolates the calcium from the bones, but adults are more susceptible to it than young ones and this event somehow effects the growth.

So, giving milk is better than coffee.

5. Drink coffee in morning or evening?

As coffee is a substance that raises level of physiological or nervous activity in body just like other energy boosting drinks, some teas and soda beverages this is the main reason people enjoy drinking it to stay vigilant.

But be careful to drink coffee at night because it may cause sleeping issues, drink 10 hours before sleeping it is the best time for coffee as no one want to wake up in morning with mood issues.

6. Health issues with 4-5 cups/day

Sometimes your craving of coffee doesn’t stop until you had 5 cups a day or you can say that addiction to coffee because your minds start working according to the habits you have implemented on yourself.

But don’t push yourself too much that you get into a trouble. Anything in extreme is harmful to health which can cause you many problems.

Women should take a step back in drinking a lot of coffee because it causes menopausal hot flashes. In pregnant women it may increase the hazard of miscarriage because caffeine reaches the fetus and causes confine restrict growth.

The oily part in coffee known as ‘cafestol’ can increase the risk of bad cholesterol or LDL by avoiding it you are safe from this.

For most of the world population coffee is a charm, a standard, or a blessing. By avoiding its snares, you can enjoy it!



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