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Best Things To Do in Istanbul with low Budget.

Istanbul is the place that you should visit in your life or you should spent some time over there. Even you can spent months in this place to feel being yourself. Its is a place where East and West meets and they are maintaining their culture for so long.

This is the only city in the world that we can call the entrance to both Europe and Asia. If there is any metropolis straddling the two continents as Bosphorus is only istanbul. The city celebrates its blend of European and Asian culture, and tourists will see the differences at every step.

So, lets move and explore the Istanbul.

  1. Ferries in Istanbul:
Ferries in

The iconic Istanbul experience is boarding one of the city’s famed fleet of boats. A commuter boat ride between Asia and Europe is difficult to top, but the Bosphorus tourist ferries that sail the strait from Eminönü to the entrance of the Black Sea are even better, providing passengers with vistas of palaces, gardens, and beautiful timber homes on both the Asian and European sides. Whether you choose a long or short cruise, you will have an unforgettable experience.

2. Blue Mosque:

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This famous structure has become associated with Istanbul. The mosque was erected in the early 1600s by Sultan Ahmet. Its six veils caused debate since they were seen as a competitor to Mecca. The inside of the Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) is covered with blue Iznik tiles. There are no mosaics of people because it is a mosque and this has geometric designs, flowers, and vines. Tulips play an important role, as they were initially farmed in modern-day Turkey and then transferred to the Netherlands.

3. Galata Tower:

Galata Tower is located at the Northern side of Golden Horn. It was amazing to stay in an apartment that looked directly up at this skyscraper.
It has the greatest panoramic views of the city and the Bosphorus, and is a great place to look out over Old Istanbul. It served as a city fire lookout until the 1960s, but it is now available to tourists who may stroll around its balcony towards the top of the 67-meter-high (220-foot) tower.

4. Must visit Grand Bazar:

On Istanbul’s ancient peninsula, the Grand Bazaar is the most well-known shopping location. Follow the steady stream of local customers descending downhill towards the popular retail sector of Tahtakale, which boasts the deliciously perfumed Spice Bazaar at its core, after exploring its labyrinthine alleyways and secret caravanserais. Return to the Blue Mosque and its adjoining arasta (an arcade-style Ottoman bazaar that usually highlighted practitioners of a single trade), where you could locate a lasting reminder of your visit.

5. Hagia Sophia:

hagia-sophia-things to do in

Hagia Sophia is the best thing to do in Istanbul as it has the world’s most magnificent structures and is undoubtedly one of Istanbul’s most famous tourist attractions. It was once a church and a mosque, but it is today one of the world’s most popular museums.
Throughout 916, it was a church, but after Sultan Mehmed’s conquest, Hagia Sophia was transformed into a mosque, where it stayed for 482 years. It was transformed into the museum in 1935, and tourists see the mosaics, calligraphy, tiles, and Sultan’s lodge on a regular basis.




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