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5 Most Popular French Street Food & Cheap Eats To Try

French chefs are experts in flavor and worldly renowned for their delectable cuisine. While fancy French restaurants may come to mind first, there is plenty of fantastic street food in France you should try. When it comes to excellent places to dine, whether you’re seeing the sights and sounds of Paris or roaming the streets of a small town or hamlet in the South of France, there will be plenty of choices.

If we talk about the street food in france, Here are some street foods you should try when you visit france.


When it comes to street cuisine in France, socca is one of the most popular options.

Socca is a classic flatbread prepared with chickpea flour, olive oil, salt, and pepper. It is cooked at a high temperature in the oven.

2-Galette-saucisse-(Sausages Wrapped In Crepes)

Galette-Saucisse originated in Upper Brittany, a French province in the 15th century, and has since expanded across this magnificent nation.Grilled pork sausages, a layer of Crepes wrapped around the exterior, and mustard are all the ingredients you need for Galette-Saucisse preparation.

vendors/cooks prepare Premade buckwheat crepes more often frequently to accompany freshly grilled hot sausages.

3-Parmesan Truffle Fries

French fries has its origin in belgium.Belgians invented deep-frying potato slices/sticks in heated oil in the 17th century, and later it become popular worldwide.

Furthermore, the term “French fries” originated in an American cookbook, not in France. French fries doesn’t have its origin in france but still it is the most favourite food of french people.

French fries is served with many meals that do not have any pair with it.Truffle salt and cheese powder is used in the prepration of french fries.

4-Falafel (Crispy Fried Chickpea Balls)

Despite its Middle Eastern origins, Paris has some of the greatest Falafel in the world. Egypt or the Levant is the origin of falafel.

In contrast, the Israelis think that the ancient Jews originated Falafel. In France, individuals love to make Israel-style Falafel and preserve their main elements , such as chickpeas, veggies, or sesame.

Other components may differ depending on the restaurant, but the quality is very consistent. They’re all tasty. After assembling all of the ingredients, the chefs will shape them into little balls before deep-frying them in hot oil.

Eating a whole portion of this food can fill up your stomach right away.

5-Pain Au Chocolat (Chocolate Croissants)

The look of the Pain Au Chocolat and the conventional Croissant is very similar. In fact, their ingredients are nearly similar.

Both are major puff pastry delicacies with roots in Austrian Kipferl. The difference between them is the filling.The French prefer to call it Pain Au Chocolat (meaning “Chocolate Bread”) over other names.

Chocolatine is the term,they use in south of France. Freshly baked Pain Au Chocolat is best to eat. It goes well with a white, unsweetened milk cup for a full dinner.



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